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Key Concepts
The API and our data share some key concepts, whilst simple it is important for you to understand these properly.

A particular community / interest group eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

A metric out of 1000 to showing the influence of a given influencer within a particular cluster. This is created using our own algorithm using only publicly accessible data.
For more info on what this means we recommend you read this article. With the way our algorithm currently works, every twitter account can have a score within a cluster (most will have a score of 0.0), but we rarely collect or record this.

Only accounts with high scores will have ranks. Unlike scores, not everyone has a rank.
We use algorithms to filter out irrelevant people within clusters.
Accounts without ranks will have the following data representation in their responses:rank: null

Our API treats people differently from other types of influencers (Companies, bots).
For that reason ranks using rank_type=personal may be different from the ranks given in the endpoint rank_type=all
The ranks displayed on the hive.one homepage are using rank_type=personal

A unique series of numbers corresponding to a twitter account.

The username of a Twitter account. We never include ‘@’ symbols
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